Script Colors add-on for PowerGUI

I finished the first add-on for the free Powershell script editor PowerGUI:

ScriptColors / v1.0

With the ScriptColors add-on you can change the colors and font stlye, in which the PowerGUI Script Editor highlights the different parts of your scripts (syntax highlighting).

  1. #1 by ColorBlind on Wednesday - 16:37

    Tried this one and really like the idea. However, after following the install instructions everything appears to be working with the exception that no changes I make are ever applied when I relaunch the program. (UAC disabled and Ran as admin) I am running on windows 8.1 with powergui

    • #2 by Denniver on Saturday - 05:07

      Sorry to hear that. But if you use v1.1 of the addon, it does work on Win8.1 and 3.8x.
      There is not much else I can tell you. Its pretty straight forward. The add-on manipulates the file “PowerShellSyntax.xml” in Powergui’s install folder. Maybe try to load the colman.ps1 from the addon-folder into Powergui and see if you get any errors when you run it directly.

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