Snippet Manager for PowerGUI

I just uploaded the Snippet Manager, another add-on i made for the great (and free) Powershell editor PowerGUI. Its written completely in Powershell. You can get the add-on here.

What it is
With the SnippetManager add-on you can manage your code snippets. You can easily create new snippets, edit existing ones, create new categories and much more.
Features include:
Snippet Explorer – copy, paste, rename, delete snippets and snippet categories
Snippet Creator – change existing snippets, create new snippets:
Auto-creation of placeholders, delete existing placeholders with auto-replacement to the default value, auto highlighting of placeholders etc.

If you never worked with snippets before, here is a short explanation: Snippets are code fragments or short scripts that you save for later, so that you can use them again in another script. Once you assigned a name to your snippet, you can easily paste them in a script, using the “snippets”-menu entry in the context menu of PowerGui Script Editor. In addition to that, you can replace parts of the snippet code (e.g. function names, variables or anything that you probably would change when you use that code again) with a placeholder. This placeholder will be highlighted when you paste the snippet to your script, and you can simply put in a new value for the placeholder.

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