Snippet Manager 1.0.1 released

It took me a bit longer than expected, but here is the new version of Snippet Manager: over 4000 lines of Powershell code and lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes!

Screenshot Main v.1.0.1

Snippet LocationsScreenshot locations v.1.0.1

You can now add multiple snippet folders from your network or local computer to the snippet explorer, to browse, edit, copy and move snippets from. Just click “Add Location” and choose your folder. You can also manually add UNC- paths by clicking “Options/Add Network Location…”



Full Text SearchScreenshot Search Tree v.1.0.1

Snippet Manager now creates a full-text index of your snippets and features a search function, so you can very quickly search for anything (in Code, Description, Name or Author) in every snippet. The search results will be displayed in a new tree in the Snippet Explorer for easy access.



The Store Room

In the Store Room you can deactivate snippetsScreenshot Store Room v.1.0.1, so that they don’t take up space in (the rather small) “Insert Snippet”-menu in PowerGUI.

If there are e.g. shipped snippets that you probably never use but you don’t want to delete them, or you have sets of snippets for different projects, just check the ones you don’t need right now (separately or the whole folder) and click “Deactivate Selected” on the left side.

To reactivate them later, just do the same on the right side and click “Activate Selected”.



No more UAC-Popup

I finally got rid of the rather annoying UAC elevation prompt by moving the shipped snippets from the PowerGUI installation directory to the user profile. (PowerGUI supports a snippet path in the user profile since version 2.3.x.)

Enhanced Syntax Highlighting

Snippet Manager now has a much better syntax highlighting. Its still a work in progress, but it’s way better than before. And it results in a:

Faster Snippet Processing

Snippet loading and editing, as well as placeholder operations are up to 8x faster than before!

Also, there are new options like the possibility to restore last size and position of the Snippet Manager window at start, a new icon set and a lot of bug fixes.


Convinced? :) You can download Snippet Manager 1.0.1 here or via the auto-updater in Snippet Manager 0.92. (click on “Help\Check for Updates…”).
There is a fully updated help file included, but you can also download it separately.

Be aware that PowerGUI v.2.3.0 or higher is required for this add-on.

Have a nice day, Denniver

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