SnippetManager v2 – Suggestions please

Hi all,

thanks to all of you who did send me bug reports and suggestions for the SnippetManager add-on in the past.


Now SnippetManager is going to evolve from an add-on to a stand-alone application.
In fact, due to some restrictions in the PowerGUI SDK, it always has been, more or less. The add-on is merely an icon and a launcher for the actual SnippetManager, with which you always could edit any snippet file. But until now, it has been specially customized to work smoothly with PowerGUI.
This will not change.
But, i would like to broaden its usefulness and e.g. support other editors. But, more about that later… :)


I also would like to build in a few new features. I have some in mind, but i would like to hear:

–  if you have something that you would like to see in v2 or
–  if there is something that is bugging you in the current version

If the answer is yes, please send me an email with the subject “SnippetManager Suggestion” to:

You could also post a comment here, but i prefer mails, because they do make follow-ups easier.
Thanks and have a nice day,

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