SnippetManager 2 released


I’m very happy to announce that SnippetManager 2 is finally done. About 5000 lines of Powershell code, packed with new features and improvements! :-)

Here’s what’s new:

ISEISE support

SnippetManager now fully supports the ISE snippets format. SnippetManager displays all your ISE snippets and you can edit them, create new ones etc. anything you could do with your PowerGUI snippets (except for the placeholders, they are not supported by ISE yet)

You don’t have any ISE snippets yet but a lot of PowerGUI snippets? Then you might need the:

sinchronize-64 ISE <-> PowerGUI Snippet Converter

You can easily convert all (or just a few of) your snippets from PowerGUI to ISE (and back) with just a click. Simply go to the Converter tab, select all the snippets you like to convert (ISE, PowerGUI or both; single files or complete folders) and hit the conversion button. Done!

search-64 Quicksearch

With the new quicksearch-box you can now even faster find the snippets you are looking for. Just open SnippetManager and start typing a name, keyword, command… etc.

bg_color-64 Full Syntax Coloring

SnippetManager now provides full syntax coloring, even while typing. (Powershell V3 required)
Included are currently two coloring shemes (easily changable via the options menu): An ISE color sheme, which looks exactly like the colors in ISE and a (more moderatly colored :)) SnippetManager color sheme.

More new features and improvements are:

#  SnippetExplorer drag and drop capability (yeah I know, but now it’s there :) )

#  Faster Snippet Processing (up to 10x faster for large snippets)

#  New Design!

#  More commands/menue items support keyboard shortcuts (the available shortcuts are shown in the tooltip of the item)

#  and well, not really a feature, but you may have noticed that it’s not called “PowerGUI SnippetManager” anymore. I thought that might irritate the ISE folks, so I called it “Powershell SnippetManager”. Yes, I went really crazy creative there. :)

And finally, one important change:
SnippetManager is now a standalone tool, not a PowerGUI add-on anymore. That means (for now):

#  if you update SnippetManager from inside SnippetManager v.1.x, nothing really changes (except for all the cool features of course), you will still be able to start it from inside PowerGUI.  You also get the desktop shortcut.

#  if you download and install SnippetManager by yourself, it should be started via one of it’s shortcuts on the desktop and start menu.

I will however release “launcher”-add-ons for both PowerGUI and ISE later this year, so that you can use it even more conveniently. I haven’t decided yet, if i will bother everybody with it via the update function :), so if you are interested, better subscribe to this blog or check SnippetManagers home from time to time.


You can update SnippetManager via the update function (just turn on the “Check for Updates”-option) or download it on it’s home page: here.
That’s it, I hope you enjoy the new SnippetManager as much as I do.

Have a nice day!


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