Snippet Manager 3 released


After months of night shifts, I am very pleased (and a little bit proud) to announce the launch of Snippet Manager & Injector v3! With about 8000 lines of Powershell code, it’s (literally) the biggest update for SnippetManager yet. :) It has really exciting new features and countless improvements and fixes. And did i mention it is of course still completely free?
In short, if you are using snippets, you will love this.

Here’s what’s new:

The Snippet Injector!

What’s that?
Well, there has always been a “weak link” in the otherwise great “using code snippets”-idea. And that is: how to most quickly and comfortably find and insert the snippet you need. The insert-snippet pop-ups in PowerGui and ISE are suboptimal at best: Way too small, no search possible and ISE does not even support folders! (see, i do read your emails) :)
So in other words, if you have more than a couple of snippets or maybe want your snippets on a network share, you are screwed.

This is where the Injector comes in. The Injector is a pop-up window, that appears on the side of the screen, lets you search and select a snippet and with the next click (or hotkey press) inserts the snippet into your editor. Any editor.
The Injector has many nice features like Tooltips with syntax coloring, supports different ways of Snippet injection and can be customized in various ways.

Sounds good? :)
This is how it looks like:

Find more videos on Snippet Managers homebase.

PoshCode Search

If you need a pre-coded solution for a task or problem in your script, you can now simply search on from inside SnippetManager. It’s fully integrated, so you search as you would for local snippets. The results appear in the SnippetExplorer with their description and can be used by a click.


This is just the start of the integration of web-sources and -storage (nope, i did not say cloud, no no…. :)). There is much more to come.

bg_color-64 Custom Syntax Coloring

It always sounds a bit unimportant, but it is not: Syntax coloring lets you read and comprehend code faster. And if you have found your optimal colors, it’s a distraction if any of your coding tools uses different ones.

So now aside from the two shipped coloring schemes (ISE color scheme, SnippetManager color scheme) you can create your own scheme. Fine tune the existing schemes or create a completely new one. Either way, odd colors won’t distract you anymore.


Better Network Support

This has been wished for, so i did my best to remedy the most urgent problems: SnippetManager should now run smoothly from network-shares, work with shared snippet repositories and supports roaming profiles. Happy? :-)

More new features and improvements are:

#   Improved SnippetExplorer
#   “Floating Launcher” – Movable button to quickly launch Injector or Manager
#   Notification Icon – quickly launch Injector or Manager. Can be used together with or instead of the floating launcher.
#   Completely new Design! And with fancy stuff, like graphical buttons. Yay! :)
#   All settings, window positions and slider positions are stored and restored via the settings file now.
And countless small fixes and handling improvements…



Snippet Manager 3 does not come via auto-update at the moment, because I have a little bit of trouble with the free msi-creator I used for v2. This might take me a few more days.

Fixed the installer issue. Thanks to the guys at Caphyon!

So either turn on the update-check in Snippet Manager 2 or download the installer manually on SnippetManagers home base: here.
On that page is also a Basic Snippet Pack ready for download now, to get you started if you have no snippets yet.

That’s it, I hope you enjoy the new Snippet Manager and Injector as much as I do.

Have a nice day!


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