CodeManager 7 is out!

So, this one is all about… what CodeManager was always all about, if that makes sense. :)
The reason I created CM in the first place, was to have an quick and easy way to recycle code. I hate doing things twice and I am annoyingly forgetful when it comes to certain things. So I needed a quick way to find code again that I had already written, but didn’t bother to turn into a easy-to-find snippet.
And CodeManager does that already quite well I think. But, there is always room for improvement, so there is a new advanced search dialog, support for boolean expressions (yeah! :) ), quick folder sorting and a way to quickly set up shop on another machine, share snippets… and so on.  Sounds good?

So here is whats new:


Advanced Search

Build complex search queries, just with a few clicks or keystrokes.


Custom Search Queries

search-64– Boolean expressions
– Search Scripts or Snippets
– Date Filters
– Node restrictions

Decreased Search Time

electricity-64Search time via the new advanced
search is now 200% quicker when
searching large scripts


Snippet Backup & Restore

  • Quickly create single file backups of all your snippets and scripts.
  • Easily share your snippets with a colleague or install them on a new machine.

Backup and Restore

sinchronize-64– Manual or automatic backup each time CodeManager exits
– Backup any folder from its context menu
– Hashing Function
– Selective Restore

Quick Setup / Share snippets 

settings2-64– Easily transfer snippets to another Computer
– Install with a click
– Auto Cloud Storage Sync

Quick Sort

Generic_Sorting2-64You can now quickly sort (name or last change date) every folder, node or sub node via its context menu.



  • Optimized UI: More space for the snippet explorer
  • Enhanced tooltip/quick info – details for objects in the snippet/script explorer
  • Enhanced pathfinding and layer separation in Visualizer
  • Function Search – search inside selected functions
  • New keyboard shortcuts added
  • New theme
  • New format for snippet packs

As well as about 40 bugfixes and countless little handling improvements.

Free Download

You can download the installer (or Zip) on CodeManagers home base: here.

Have a nice day,

Code Quality

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