CodeManager 7.5 released

So, this one is kind of an interim release. I’m am working on a few big features (like “visual debugging” :) and multi language support) but I am not done yet. But, I fixed a bunch of bugs  and added a few minor features along  the way, so…

…here is whats new:


New and Improved


Advanced Search

search-64– Regex Support
– Folder Search
– New Filters

Search Time

electricity-64Search time decrease by 50%


Python Support

document-64– Explorer support for Python script files and snippets
– Python syntax coloring
– Search Python scripts and snippets

Snippet Backup

settings2-64– Backup scheduler
– Decreased backup file size
– Selective restore


mind_map-64 – Optimized connector path finding in Sugiyama mode
– Node colorization scheme improvement
– Speed improvement for scripts with 50+ Nodes


  • about 30 bugfixes and smaller handling improvements.

Free Download

You can download the installer (or Zip) on CodeManagers home base: here.

Have a nice day,

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