CodeManager 7 is out!

So, this one is all about… what CodeManager was always all about, if that makes sense. :)
The reason I created CM in the first place, was to have an quick and easy way to recycle code. I hate doing things twice and I am annoyingly forgetful when it comes to certain things. So I needed a quick way to find code again that I had already written, but didn’t bother to turn into a easy-to-find snippet.
And CodeManager does that already quite well I think. But, there is always room for improvement, so there is a new advanced search dialog, support for boolean expressions (yeah! :) ), quick folder sorting and a way to quickly set up shop on another machine, share snippets… and so on.  Sounds good?

So here is whats new:


Advanced Search

Build complex search queries, just with a few clicks or keystrokes.


Custom Search Queries

search-64– Boolean expressions
– Search Scripts or Snippets
– Date Filters
– Node restrictions

Decreased Search Time

electricity-64Search time via the new advanced
search is now 200% quicker when
searching large scripts


Snippet Backup & Restore

  • Quickly create single file backups of all your snippets and scripts.
  • Easily share your snippets with a colleague or install them on a new machine.

Backup and Restore

sinchronize-64– Manual or automatic backup each time CodeManager exits
– Backup any folder from its context menu
– Hashing Function
– Selective Restore

Quick Setup / Share snippets 

settings2-64– Easily transfer snippets to another Computer
– Install with a click
– Auto Cloud Storage Sync

Quick Sort

Generic_Sorting2-64You can now quickly sort (name or last change date) every folder, node or sub node via its context menu.



  • Optimized UI: More space for the snippet explorer
  • Enhanced tooltip/quick info – details for objects in the snippet/script explorer
  • Enhanced pathfinding and layer separation in Visualizer
  • Function Search – search inside selected functions
  • New keyboard shortcuts added
  • New theme
  • New format for snippet packs

As well as about 40 bugfixes and countless little handling improvements.

Free Download

You can download the installer (or Zip) on CodeManagers home base: here.

Have a nice day,

Code Quality

Azure Automation Snippet Pack

I’ve created a set of 20 Azure snippets (in the form of reusable functions) to get you started with Azure PowerShell automation.
There are snippets for authentication, installation, virtual machines, storage and SQL and all of them use the new Azure PowerShell AZ module which is the replacement for the AzureRM module.




    • New-AzureContextFile
      • Login to Azure and save the current authentication information to use in PowerShell scripts
    • Use-AzureContextFile
      • Login to Azure via credential (context) File
    • Check-AZmodule
      • Check if the latest available Azure Powershell AZ modules are installed
    • Install-AZmodule
      • Install the AZ module (with auto-elevation)



    • Create-AzureVM
      • Creates a new Azure virtual machine with all necessary resources
    • Remove-AzureVM
      • Removes a virtual machine and all attached resources
    • List-VmSize
      • Retrieves a up-to-date list of all available Azure Virtual Machine sizes in a given location
    • List-VmSkus
      • Retrieves a up-to-date list of all Azure virtual machine offers and their SKUs for a certain or all publishers in a given location



    • New-AzureSQLDB
      • Creates a new SQL instance including firewall rule and database
    • New-GeoReplication
      • Configure an active geo-replication for a single database



    • Azure File Share Backup
      • Creates a backup for all file shares protected by Azure Backup in a subscription
    • Set-AzureBlobContent
      • Upload Files to an Azure blob


You can download the snippet pack here: CodeManager CMB File

  • The CMB-file can be installed quickly in CodeManager v7 via Snippet Backup->Restore.
  • It contains ISE-snippets, so you can use them directly in ISE, but they can be used with CodeManager with any editor (like VSCode) of course.
  • If you wish, you can open CMB files with any ZIP-capable program


Have a nice day!

CodeManager 6 released

I’m happy to announce the release of PowerShell CodeManager 6.0! :-)

This one took me a while, mainly due to work and also for this release, I finally wanted to fix a few rare but nasty bugs. And I did, but it took me into old, dusty parts of the code, which I wrote in the very beginning, 8 years ago. This was shortly after I had started to learn PowerShell and looking at it now, well, lets say there is room for improvement. :)
So improvement and speed is the general focus this time, so apart from a few visible nice features, there are a lot of small changes and handling improvements, which you will notice when you use certain functions.

So here is whats new:

Code Visualizer


Graph calculation for large scripts, as well as applying filters is twice as fast as before

Function Filter
You can now filter as many functions as you like, either by selecting them in the all-functions overview or directly in the graph. This gives you the ability to quickly and easily create the graph you want.

Graph Customization
New Options for colorization and function node display are available in the options bar

Code Manager 

Search Result Filter
You can now apply quick-filters for all or selected search results, and save these as a preset as well.

Snippet Execution
Launch snippets directly from CodeManager with quick access to command line options

Improved File Monitor
CodeManager reacts faster to changes in the monitored locations and further limits necessary re-indexing

New tooltip/quick info – details for all objects in the snippet/script explorer
Improved support for PowerShell modules
New keyboard shortcuts added (see help file for complete list)

Code Window

Line Numbers
This was high on the wish list, so the code windows now features line numbering and a current-line indicator

Improved Inside Code Search
Faster, with improved “mark all results”-feature

Improved Script Edit Mode
Inline syntax coloring and search support

Faster Syntax Coloring
Large scripts are displayed about 4 times faster than before

As well as about 60 bugfixes and countless little handling improvements.

Free Download

Unfortunately due to provider trouble the auto-updater in v5 does not work anymore, so please download the installer (or Zip) manually on CodeManagers home base: here.

Have a nice day!


CodeManager 5 released!

I’m happy to announce the release of PowerShell CodeManager 5.0!

CodeManager? Yes, I changed the name again. :)  But not (just) for fun. As the added support for scripts in the last version might have indicated, this tool is becoming more and more about PowerShell code in general, not just in the form of snippets.

So this time I did not (just) built in the usual annual improvements about handling snippetsFor this 5th anniversary release, I implemented a whole bunch of great new features. One of these new features for example, tells me that this version has 14004 lines of powershell code, including 193 functions and that I used 1725 unique variables and is therefore not just feature-wise the biggest update for this tool yet. :)

So here is whats new:

Code Visualizer


The new Visualizer creates interactive function dependency graphs. That means it displays all the functions of a script and connects them, to depict how they interact with each other and from where they are being called.

Interactive Map –Each element of the graph can be clicked to show the code of the selected function and the position from where a function is being called.

Documentation – Document the logical structure of your script. Graphs can be printed and saved either as a PNG image or in vector format to allow further editing in any vector capable graphics tool.

Zoom in – Graphs can be created for complete scripts, as well as single functions and their relations.

Customize – You can choose between different layout algorithms, connector-types and color schemes. Nodes and connectors can be manually rearranged.

Code Manager  (former “Snippet Injector”)

robot-64Function Explorer – Overview and quick direct access to all functions in a script, module or snippet

Script Execution – Launch scripts directly from CodeManager with quick access to command line options

File Monitor – CodeManager now watches all locations for changes and quickly and quietly updates any changes made outside code explorer

Partial Reindexing – Helpful for larger script and snippet libraries: in most cases, necessary re-indexing is now limited to the folder the change occurred in.

Quick Search Option Buttons – For inside script code search and regular expressions

Custom Font Settings – Font type and size can now be set for the code window and code explorer


Support for PowerShell modules

Full set of explorer functions now supported

New keyboard shortcuts added (see help file for complete list)

Performance Options for slow computers regarding syntax coloring of huge scripts and code search

Code Window

list_ingredients-64Info Window – Quick info to file -path, -size, -attributes, -hash, -description and code statistics.

Inside Code Search – Next-/Last-result buttons to click though all search results / highlight all results option

Edit and Save Scripts – Not meant for script writing (yet J), but useful for quick changes and before execution edits

Quick Snippet creation – From selection inside code window

Now Resizable

Floating Launcher

open_in_browser-64New Design / Dark and Bright Theme available

Four Sizes to choose from

Sounds good? Then…

Free Download

Either turn on the update-check in Snippet Manager 4 or download the installer (or Zip) manually on CodeManagers home base: here.

Have a nice day!


Snippet Manager 4.01 released

Hi, some people have been reporting an issue with the “Add Location”-buttons when using Snippet Manager on Windows 10. This update takes care of the problem and fixes a few minor issues with the installer as well.

You can get the update as always via the internal update function or download the msi or zip here.

Have a great day,

V4 is here!

Hi everybody, i’d like to announce the release of Snippet Manager & Injector v4! This time it’s all about speed and comfort. There are some very nice new features, but my focus was: improvement.

Here’s what’s new:

document-64Script Files Support

The Injector now indexes and searches your script (ps1) files!
Snippets are great. But, as fast and easy they are created with Snippet Manager, you still need to create them. And you will, very soon, but today you need a function that does … and you know you already did something exactly like this a while ago. Mhm… but what was the name of that script again…?
You can now quickly find a certain script and re-use some of its code. Just type the name or some of the code you are looking for in the search box… done!


Regex Search

Manager and Injector now support regular expressions in all search fields.


Injector Enhancements

– Injectors Code Preview Window now allows to scroll and select parts of the snippet or script code
– Selected code gets copied to clipboard or loaded into auto-injector automatically
– Injector now supports multiple snippet or script locations
– Injector and Manager explorers have separate location lists to allow each explorer being customized for it’s task
– Drag and Drop File and Folder operations
– … and lots of other improvements like: Large Quick-hide Buttons, Expand and Collapse Buttons, a hide-emtpy-folders option etc.


Location indexing and Search speed have been massively improved. On a fast local drive, Injector can search code in thousands of scripts and display its results in under 2 seconds!

Resizable “Floating Launcher”

This has been wished for, so now you can choose three different sizes for the floating launcher button. Happy? :)

Open in External Editor

You can open scripts via double click from Injector in any editor capable of handling powershell scripts.
That way Injector can even serve as an easy access, de luxe “open file” dialog for your script editor, complete with search function!

Start Mode Option

You can now simply set in the options menu, what you want to see when you start Snippet Manager: the Manager window, the Injector window or just the floating launcher button.

And also countless small fixes and nice handling improvements you will discover by yourself… :)


Free Download

Either turn on the update-check in Snippet Manager 3 or download the installer (or Zip) manually on SnippetManagers home base: here.

That’s it, I hope you enjoy the new Snippet Manager and Injector and as always: please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice day!


Snippet Manager 3 released


After months of night shifts, I am very pleased (and a little bit proud) to announce the launch of Snippet Manager & Injector v3! With about 8000 lines of Powershell code, it’s (literally) the biggest update for SnippetManager yet. :) It has really exciting new features and countless improvements and fixes. And did i mention it is of course still completely free?
In short, if you are using snippets, you will love this.

Here’s what’s new:

The Snippet Injector!

What’s that?
Well, there has always been a “weak link” in the otherwise great “using code snippets”-idea. And that is: how to most quickly and comfortably find and insert the snippet you need. The insert-snippet pop-ups in PowerGui and ISE are suboptimal at best: Way too small, no search possible and ISE does not even support folders! (see, i do read your emails) :)
So in other words, if you have more than a couple of snippets or maybe want your snippets on a network share, you are screwed.

This is where the Injector comes in. The Injector is a pop-up window, that appears on the side of the screen, lets you search and select a snippet and with the next click (or hotkey press) inserts the snippet into your editor. Any editor.
The Injector has many nice features like Tooltips with syntax coloring, supports different ways of Snippet injection and can be customized in various ways.

Sounds good? :)
This is how it looks like:

Find more videos on Snippet Managers homebase.

PoshCode Search

If you need a pre-coded solution for a task or problem in your script, you can now simply search on from inside SnippetManager. It’s fully integrated, so you search as you would for local snippets. The results appear in the SnippetExplorer with their description and can be used by a click.


This is just the start of the integration of web-sources and -storage (nope, i did not say cloud, no no…. :)). There is much more to come.

bg_color-64 Custom Syntax Coloring

It always sounds a bit unimportant, but it is not: Syntax coloring lets you read and comprehend code faster. And if you have found your optimal colors, it’s a distraction if any of your coding tools uses different ones.

So now aside from the two shipped coloring schemes (ISE color scheme, SnippetManager color scheme) you can create your own scheme. Fine tune the existing schemes or create a completely new one. Either way, odd colors won’t distract you anymore.


Better Network Support

This has been wished for, so i did my best to remedy the most urgent problems: SnippetManager should now run smoothly from network-shares, work with shared snippet repositories and supports roaming profiles. Happy? :-)

More new features and improvements are:

#   Improved SnippetExplorer
#   “Floating Launcher” – Movable button to quickly launch Injector or Manager
#   Notification Icon – quickly launch Injector or Manager. Can be used together with or instead of the floating launcher.
#   Completely new Design! And with fancy stuff, like graphical buttons. Yay! :)
#   All settings, window positions and slider positions are stored and restored via the settings file now.
And countless small fixes and handling improvements…



Snippet Manager 3 does not come via auto-update at the moment, because I have a little bit of trouble with the free msi-creator I used for v2. This might take me a few more days.

Fixed the installer issue. Thanks to the guys at Caphyon!

So either turn on the update-check in Snippet Manager 2 or download the installer manually on SnippetManagers home base: here.
On that page is also a Basic Snippet Pack ready for download now, to get you started if you have no snippets yet.

That’s it, I hope you enjoy the new Snippet Manager and Injector as much as I do.

Have a nice day!


V3 coming (very) soon.



Just a short announcement:

Snippet Manager V3 will be released very soon.  Tomorrow!

It’s packed with new great features like… ehm.. no. Let me surprise you. :)
I will just say that searching and inserting Snippets will be much easier than before, no matter what editor you use. And there is much more…

So turn on SnippetManagers auto update-check, so that you will be notified when V3 launches.
Have a nice day,



SnippetManager 2 released


I’m very happy to announce that SnippetManager 2 is finally done. About 5000 lines of Powershell code, packed with new features and improvements! :-)

Here’s what’s new:

ISEISE support

SnippetManager now fully supports the ISE snippets format. SnippetManager displays all your ISE snippets and you can edit them, create new ones etc. anything you could do with your PowerGUI snippets (except for the placeholders, they are not supported by ISE yet)

You don’t have any ISE snippets yet but a lot of PowerGUI snippets? Then you might need the:

sinchronize-64 ISE <-> PowerGUI Snippet Converter

You can easily convert all (or just a few of) your snippets from PowerGUI to ISE (and back) with just a click. Simply go to the Converter tab, select all the snippets you like to convert (ISE, PowerGUI or both; single files or complete folders) and hit the conversion button. Done!

search-64 Quicksearch

With the new quicksearch-box you can now even faster find the snippets you are looking for. Just open SnippetManager and start typing a name, keyword, command… etc.

bg_color-64 Full Syntax Coloring

SnippetManager now provides full syntax coloring, even while typing. (Powershell V3 required)
Included are currently two coloring shemes (easily changable via the options menu): An ISE color sheme, which looks exactly like the colors in ISE and a (more moderatly colored :)) SnippetManager color sheme.

More new features and improvements are:

#  SnippetExplorer drag and drop capability (yeah I know, but now it’s there :) )

#  Faster Snippet Processing (up to 10x faster for large snippets)

#  New Design!

#  More commands/menue items support keyboard shortcuts (the available shortcuts are shown in the tooltip of the item)

#  and well, not really a feature, but you may have noticed that it’s not called “PowerGUI SnippetManager” anymore. I thought that might irritate the ISE folks, so I called it “Powershell SnippetManager”. Yes, I went really crazy creative there. :)

And finally, one important change:
SnippetManager is now a standalone tool, not a PowerGUI add-on anymore. That means (for now):

#  if you update SnippetManager from inside SnippetManager v.1.x, nothing really changes (except for all the cool features of course), you will still be able to start it from inside PowerGUI.  You also get the desktop shortcut.

#  if you download and install SnippetManager by yourself, it should be started via one of it’s shortcuts on the desktop and start menu.

I will however release “launcher”-add-ons for both PowerGUI and ISE later this year, so that you can use it even more conveniently. I haven’t decided yet, if i will bother everybody with it via the update function :), so if you are interested, better subscribe to this blog or check SnippetManagers home from time to time.


You can update SnippetManager via the update function (just turn on the “Check for Updates”-option) or download it on it’s home page: here.
That’s it, I hope you enjoy the new SnippetManager as much as I do.

Have a nice day!


SnippetManager v2 – Suggestions please

Hi all,

thanks to all of you who did send me bug reports and suggestions for the SnippetManager add-on in the past.


Now SnippetManager is going to evolve from an add-on to a stand-alone application.
In fact, due to some restrictions in the PowerGUI SDK, it always has been, more or less. The add-on is merely an icon and a launcher for the actual SnippetManager, with which you always could edit any snippet file. But until now, it has been specially customized to work smoothly with PowerGUI.
This will not change.
But, i would like to broaden its usefulness and e.g. support other editors. But, more about that later… :)


I also would like to build in a few new features. I have some in mind, but i would like to hear:

–  if you have something that you would like to see in v2 or
–  if there is something that is bugging you in the current version

If the answer is yes, please send me an email with the subject “SnippetManager Suggestion” to:

You could also post a comment here, but i prefer mails, because they do make follow-ups easier.
Thanks and have a nice day,