Forumbits: Drag-and-Drop Files into Powershell Script

Recently in the German Technet Powershell forum, the question came up on how to drag files into a Powershell script in order to process them.

As you can’t drag files directly onto a .ps1-file, one way is to use a wrapper-script.
But I prefer using a GUI for tasks like this. And in this case, its actually quite simple.
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Why GUIs are good…

(… and you should think about adding one to your next Powershell script.)

The Console Window                       

I know quite a few admins who don’t like GUIs, for some reason or another. Linux admins especially, they are the high priests of the console cult. I’m quite sure some of them really believe GUIs are evil somehow and not meant to be. I guess it has something to do with the fact that for quite some time GUI was a synonym for MS Windows. And they really hate that. :) Continue reading “Why GUIs are good…”

PowerGUI Challenge 2010 winners / Snippet Manager voted “Best Add-On”

I got a pleasant surprise this morning: Kirk Munro (Quest Software) posted the results of the “PowerGUI Challenge 2010“-contest and my SnippetManager won the price for the best add-on!

I’m quite happy about this, because although i had a good feeling ;) there were quite a few great entries like WMISpy and DemoPowerShell from James Brundage or the Help Browser from Gyorgy Nemesmagasi. The price for the best powerpack went to Adam Murray for his great HP Virtual Connect Management Pack. (Read about all winning entries over at Kirks blog.)

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Kirk for his expertise and his help with a few ugly bugs during the development of my add-ons. Thanks!

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Snippet Manager Video Tutorial

I made a video tutorial for the SnippetManager especially for beginners, which focuses on creating new snippets and how to use placeholders.

(!) Its about version 0.9 and it still covers all the basic functions, but you may also want to read the help file to find out about all the improvements and new features in the latest version.

You can watch the tutorial here:

or in better quality and with selectable chapters here: (min. screen res 1280×768)