Snippet Manager 0.9.2 released

With the 0.9.2 update, Snippet Manager is now even more comfortable to use than it was before!

OK, lets cut the marketing BS ;),  here are the changes:


I added keyboard shortcuts to most of the context menu items, so now you can e.g. create new placeholders simply by selecting something and hit F5, done! All available shortcuts in the snippet explorer, the code box and the placeholder area are shown via tooltip when you hover over the items.


SnippetManager now has an standard MSI installer, which makes it easier -especially for first timers- to install the add-on, because it automatically creates the necessary WindowsPowershell/modules folders in the right place. The ZIP package is still available for those of you, who don’t like changes. :)


Because of the rather high update frequency i thought it would be a good idea to add an automatic update check. You can turn on/off the auto check at the first run of 0.9.2 and in the options menu. It just downloads a version-text file and compares it to your current version, no data will be sent from your computer. You can also manually check for updates in the help menu. If an update is found you can have SnippetManager download and install it for you, quick and easy.


If you use the “author”-field in your snippets (like i do) it can be a bit annoying to always type your name, company etc in. No more! :) Now you can set a standard value for that field in the options menu and if you create a new snippet it will be automatically filled in.

Thats it for now, but there are some big updates and new features coming, so use the auto update check, or hit the ‘check for updates’ item from time to time.

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